Male Dog Names... Make Him Proud!

Here is a comprehensive list of male dog names and male puppy names that owners have named their pets, from popular and common, to unique and unusual.  I find this the most exciting part of getting a new dog! 

My own dog is a mixed breed (part Shepherd, part hound) and we named her Justice.  I loved the name, and it made her sound tougher than she really is... read about how Justice came to us here

And yes, it is possible to change a puppy's name if you don't like the one that he or she came with.  Justice came to us as "Princess", and that just really didn't sound right to me.

It might take a little bit for the new name to stick, but it's do-able.  That being said, it can be confusing for your dog to change its name, especially if he is older.  It can help to pick a new name that sounds quite similar to the old one - "Justice" sounds similar to "Princess", so there were no issues there!

Whoops... are you maybe looking for female dog names?  There's another great page with lots of awesome names for the girls! 

Have a great male dog name that's not on the list?  Scroll down to the end and brag about it there!  I love to hear about other cool names that your furry friends have :)

A's B's C's D's E's F's
Ace Bach Cadbury Dagwood Earl Falafel
Achilles Bacon Cadet Dakota Echo Falcon
Admiral Badger Ceasar Dallas Edge Fang
Ajax Baguette Cajun Damage Einstein Felix
Aladdin Bailey Caliber Dante Elmer Fender
Alastair Bambino Calvin Darth Elmo Fido
Alger Bandit Capo Dallas Elvis Finn
Ali Bandito Capone Daytona Expo Fizz
Allegro Banjo Captain Derby Flannel
Alpine Banshee Cargo Deuce Flash
Amigo Barfy Casanova Diablo Fletch(er)
Ammo Barnaby Casper Diddley Flicker
Amos Barney Cassidy Digger Fling
Angus Baron Cassius Digit Floyd
Apache Bart Champion Dino Flurry
Apollo Bartholemew Chaos Dodger Fonzi
Archie Barton Chaplin Domino Frankie
Aristotle Basil Charlie Doodle Frazier
Asphalt Bass Check(ers) Dough-Boy Frisbee
Astro Baxter Cheddar Draco Fritz
Atari Beans Chester Dragon Frosty
Atlantis Bear Chewbacca Dudley Fur-Ball
Atlas Beethoven Chewy Duffy Fur-Face
Atom Beetlejuice Chico Duke Fuzzie
Atticus Ben Chief Dune
Atilla Benji Chili Durango
Austin Bennington Chip(s) Durk
Avanti Bentley Chocolate Dusty
Axis Beowoof Chopin Dynamo
Axle Beta Chopper Dynamite
Bic Chopsticks
Bingo Chowder
Bishop Chutney
Blackie Cisco
Blake Clipper
Blackjack Clyde
Blue Cocoa
Bob Coconut
Bobo Cody
Bogart Cosmo
Bond Cola
Bones Colonel
Bongo Comet
Bono Congo
Bonsai Cookie
Boo Cori
Boomer Corky
Boone Corona
Boots Cousteau
Bouncer Cowboy
Bourbon Cracker
Bozo Cruiser
Brewsky Crumb
Bronson Cruncher
Brownie Curry
G's H's I's J's K's L's
Gadget Ham Ice Jack Kaiser Laker
Gator Hamlet Id Jack Daniel Keeper Lance
Genghis Harvey Igor Jackpot Keno Laser
Genius Havok Iota Jag Kermit Lenny
Georgie Hawk Irving Jake Kibbles Levi
Geronimo Heathcliff Jalapeno Kilo Lexis
Ghost Hercules Jasper Krypto Link
Gilligan Hermes Java Kryptonite Litmus
Gnome Hero Jazz Kujo Lucky
Goliath Hershey JD Ludwig
Gomer Hippo Jedi
Goober Hobbit Jekyll
Gopher Hobo Jersey
Grits Hofman Jessie
Grizzly Homer Jet
Grover Hooch Jethro
Gulliver Hoover Jigsaw
Gunner Horace Jinx
Gunther Houdini Joker
Gus Huck Judge
Hudson Jumbo
Hugo Junior
Humphrey Justice
M's N's O's P's Q's R's
MacBeth Nacho Oak Paco Quantas Racer
Macho Napolean Oblix Paddington Quad Radar
Macintosh Nate Obelix Paddy Quasar Rage
Mack Navajo Odie Pal Quasi Rags
Macmillon Neon Oink Panda Quasimodo Raisin
Maestro Newton Oliver Panther Quibble Raider
Magic Nickles Ollie Para Quip Ralph
Magnet Nike Omega Patch Rambo
Magnum Ninja Onyx Pate Ranger
Major Nip Orbit Pathfinder Rascal
Malcom Nitro Oreo Patriot Rasta
Marble Noah Orion Pavlov Razz
Marley Noel Oscar Paws Rebel
Mambo Nomad Othello Peanuts Red
Matzoball Nugget Otis PeeWee Reebok
Maverick Otto Penn Remington
Max Outlaw Pepe Renegade
Maynard Oz Pepper Repo
McCoy Ozzie Peso Reuben
Melvin Ozone Phantom Rex
Merlin Phoenix Rhino
Metro Picasso Rhodes
Mickey Pickles Rich
Midget Pickwick Ricochet
Miles Ping Ryder
Milo Pinocchio Ringo
Ming Piper Rio
Mohawk Pistol Ripley
Mojo Pluto Ripple
Monkey Pogo Rocket
Montgomery Presto Roco
Monty Pretzel Rodeo
Morris Primo Rolls
Mort Prince Roma
Mozart Proton Romeo
S's T's U's V's W's Y's
Saber Tofu Udo Vagabond Wacky Yahoo
Saga Tonka Unowho Valentino Wad Yankee
Sake Tonto Urchin Van-Gogh Waddles Yoda
Salty Tornado Veggie Wag(s) Yogi
Sam Toro Velcro Waldo Yosemite
Samson Torts Venga Warrier Yoyo
Samurai Toto Vespa Wasabe Yule
Sarge Touche Victor Wellington
Sasquatch Trip Viper Whiskey
Sausage Trouble Visa Whoof
Savage Trouper Volt Whopper
Savoy Trump Voyager Wiggles
Scamp Tsunami Wilbur
Schwarzkopf Tug Wilfred
Schwepps Turbo Wilson
Scoobie Twinkie Windsor
Scooter Twister Wink
Scotch Tycoon Winston
Scoundrel Typhoon Wolfgang
Scout Wonton
Scrooge Woody
Scruffy Wrigley
Slippers Z's
Smokey Zac
Snap Zepellin
Snickers Zephyr
Sniffer Zero
Snoopy Zeus
Socks Ziggy
Socrates Zippo
Solo Zippy
Sonata Zion
Sparkey Zoom
Specs Zorro

With such a comprehensive list, I'm sure you'll find a male dog name that fits your new family member just right, whether you're looking for popular dog names or unique.  Does your dog have a great name not in this list?  Share it with the rest of us in the comment box below (and maybe how you came up with it or chose your dog's breed, too)!

Oh, and don't stop here... if you're looking for a name for your new dog or puppy, that means you're probably looking for information on raising and training him, as well.  This whole site is dedicated to helping you and your dog (Paco, Laser, Jake - whatever his name is!). 

A good place to start?  Dog care and training.  Or maybe you need a quick, straightforward guide to house training your dog.  Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here!

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