Finally, Dog Care and Training
Information You Can Trust

As the internet becomes more and more the dog care and training information resource for dog owners, so more and more websites are popping up. Unfortunately, many of these are nonsense sites, created by random owners who aren't really qualified to be giving out their "knowledge". This is especially prevalent on blogs and dog owner's forums.

Besides the web, other sources of information (each one claiming to know the right answer) include:

  1. Other dog owners - While some may be qualified, the vast majority are not experts on dog care and training.

  2. Breeders - They may actually know a lot about caring for a canine, but be wary of training advice unless they are professional trainers.

  3. Pet stores - These places are especially notorious for giving out "free" pet training advice about using collars and training in general. The majority don't even know the difference between a choke chain and a prong collar! 

  4. Vets - Keep in mind, this is an animal health practitioner. While I took a course on dog care, I am an expert on dog training. In the same way, your vet might've learned a little about training, but they are in no wise experts in this field. I highly recommend taking their advice over mine on dog care and health issues, but I also highly recommend that you take my advice over your vet's on dog training.
Dog Care and TrainingPhoto courtesy of David Laporte

Dog Care and Training Resources

So, you are likely a new dog or puppy owner if you are looking for canine care information. If you're one of those owners who think that dog care and training is a no-brainer, I'm going to have to pop that idealistic bubble right now. Dogs do not think like humans do!

Because I work and live with dogs day in and day out, I know a lot about caring for one.

  • House training a puppy or older dog - can be a major headache for some. While the majority of dogs and puppies will learn quite quickly that the house is not a free-for-all potty station, others take a bit longer. You might be thinking that your dog is the dumbest one on the block, but it's more likely that your house training techniques are lacking!
  • Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy - this directly relates to house training, as the most helpful tool in house training is your dog's crate. Trained properly, a dog or puppy will like his crate, and enjoy being in it.

    I always shake my head when one of those well-meaning but uninformed dog owners start extolling the virtues of a cage-free environment. These folks call crate training inhumane and mean. Really? Talk to anyone who actually uses a crate in the proper way (not for punishment), and you'll find that dogs love their own space.

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