Dog Licking - Dominance?

From a Reader... Why at times does our female pit-bull want to lick us excessively, then try to hump?

Shannon Says...

Dog licking is very natural. There's several reasons why our pets do this.... to show affection, out of nervousness or anxiety, to show submission, or to show dominance (it all depends on the situation).

Excessive licking can also be an bsessive/compulsive behaviour.

It is more likely a display of dominance if your dog growls at you when you try to make her stop licking.

As far as humping is concerned, generally, this is a dominant behaviour, especially seeing as you have a female dog.

I would recommend getting started on obedience training with a certified professional in your area. Keep in mind, certain behaviours of your own may be contributing to this problem.

Do not treat your dog as if she was a human being. She's not! Be sure that you have rules in place, and always be consistent.

One good rule that I always recommend is no dogs on the furniture, and definitely not on your bed.

The "boss" gets the best place to sleep and sit. I'm not saying that there's no place for love and affection. Of course there is!

Dogs are a lot like children in that they need structure and rules to follow. If not, they will do as they please. A dog needs to have another dog/human to follow, and if you don't provide this, he/she will step up to the plate instead.

I would leave a leash or small rope attached to your dog's collar in the house while you are home. When she tries to mount you or someone else, say nothing, and pop the leash DOWN very firmly. Praise her immediately when she stops.

For licking, you can say "Eh!" very firmly to startle her out of it, and then redirect her to something more appropriate (i.e. fetching a toy, sit, down).

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