Aggressive Dashund

by Susan

From Susan... Hi, I have a male Dachshund who is 3 years old. He is aggressive towards other dogs.

Sometimes he says hello nicely, and other times he snaps at them. Today he bit a boxer - that is the first time he has actually bitten.

I don't want this to happen again... what do I do?

Shannon Says...

Hi Susan,

First of all, prevent it from happening again by getting a properly fitted wire basket muzzle. Even though he is a small-size dog, you don't want to risk him biting another dog, not to mention risking getting sued or having him put down.

Find a certified professional balanced trainer in your area who has done a lot of work with aggressive dogs. This is definitely an issue that you'll want to have hands-on help with.

The right trainer will want to use a balanced training method to solve the aggression, by using both positive and negative reinforcement - praise and correction.

A correction should be given using a leash and training collar. The correction must be fast, firm and on time (mid-bark/growl) in order for him to associate it with the bad behavior.

On the flip side, your dog needs to be praised when he reacts appropriately to another dog. You can praise verbally ("Good, boy!"), physically (petting), or with a small treat.

Be consistent with your training, and you should see an improvement immediately. Again, be sure to get a professional trainer to give you that hands-on help - with a balanced trainer, it won't be a waste of money or time!

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