Pixie Perfect Puppies Kennel

by Jessica
(Brantford, Ontario, Canada)

Located in Brantford, Ontario. We strive to raise well socialized, home raised Toy and some Mini Australian Shepherds. The Toy Aussie is a versatile breed that is very smart and easy to train. They are very friendly and adapt to any living condition. Their favourite place is beside their owner, doing whatever they do!

The toy Aussie is just as beautiful, loyal and smart as their larger counterparts, but are smaller and easier to transport! They have it all in a small package.

Mini Australian Shepherds range from 14-17 inches
Toy Australian Shepherds range from 10-14 inches

The Australian Shepherd comes in four vibrant colours with a wide range of variation. Solid black and solid red, blue merle or red merle, all with or without white and copper points.

This dog is becoming the small dog able to live in a city, but with the heart of a big dog and able to go swimming and hiking when desired. The all around PERFECT dog!

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