Voila! Stunning French Female Dog Names We Love

France is a gorgeous country, and the French language is no exception.

French female dog names have a certain flair to them, rolling of the tongue smoothly, and naming your pup one will definitely set her apart from the pack.

Instead of giving you an enormous list of names to sift through, I've curated a few shorter lists that include the best French "people" names, word names, travel-related and food-related French names for you to choose from.

So without further adieu, here's my guide to pup monikers that will make you happy every time you say them!

French "People" Names and French
Word Names

  • Fleur - This is the French word for flower. Perfect for your pup!

  • Bijou - French for jewel.

  • Alouette - French word meaning lark.

  • Juliette

  • Eloise

  • Camille

  • Colette

  • Anouk - A diminutive of Anna, in French it means grace.
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  • Luna - A more common French name for babies as well as dogs, it means moon.

  • Adieu - The French word for farewell.

  • Amié - Word meaning friend. I love this name - it's short, sweet, and oh so true for man's (or woman's!) best friend.

  • Rouge - The French word for red. Maybe for a copper-colored pooch?

  • Monet - Claude Monet was a famous French painter.

  • Coco - As in, Coco Chanel, the fashion designer.

Travel-Inspired French Female
Dog Names

Love to travel? I know I do! Give a nod to your favorite place in France by naming your puppy after it, or choose one of my favorite French female dog names from here:

  • Eiffel - Of course, I can't not include the Eiffel Tower in this list!

  • Riviera - The French Riviera, which is the Mediterranean coastline in southern France. Gorgeous and glamorous, just like your sweet girl.

  • Toulouse - Also known as Ville Rose (the Pink City), it's known for its pretty streets and rose-hued buildings.

  • Dijon - The capital city of the Burgundy region of France, but also known for its mustard. I would use this name for a dog that is brown or golden yellow, I think. A Golden Retriever?

  • Lille - Close to the Belgian border, Lille is a city in northern France famous for its yearly open-air flea market. The people of Lille are also known as the friendliest in the country!

  • Calais - A city in northern France, Calais (pronounced kaa-lay) makes for a beautiful female dog name.

  • Lourdes - A town in the French Pyrenees mountains.

  • Lafayette - While this is actually a city in Louisiana, USA, it is a French name.

  • Noir - Have a black dog or puppy? Noir is an absolutely stunning name!

  • Soleil - Meaning sun, and pronounced so-lay. My top pick!

Food-Related French Female Dog Names

Maybe food is more your thing (or should I say, your pup's thing).

Here's a handful of food-inspired French female dog names that are unique and fun to say, too. Charcuterie, anyone?

  • Baguette - Ah, bread. A staple of life, or at least it is in my house.

    I'm not totally sure what kind of nick-name or shortened version you could use, though... Bag? Ette? Baggy? You may be better off sticking with the full name version ;)

  • Truffle - Whether your intention is to name her after the fancy bite-sized chocolates or the rare and delicious mushrooms, this name is so cute!

  • Champagne - I don't think this needs any explanation... but I will say that it's spot-on for a light-colored pup.
Female dog namesA French female dog name can work for any breed!
  • Soufflé - A dessert made mostly out of beaten eggs, a souffle is airy with sweet or savory flavors. I'm a huge dessert fan, so this name is high on my list.

    It's two-syllables, which makes it easy to call and sounds good. Give it a try now for a sec. I'll wait. Aaaand? Perfection.

  • Charcuterie - A little longer than the norm, perhaps, but flows nicely and is easy to shorten.

  • Éclair - Éclairs are finger-sized, delicious pastries filled with cream. Think fancy cream puffs.

  • Madeleine - Shell-shaped tea cakes, this is a pretty name that isn't common, yet not eyebrow-raisingly weird.

  • Bleu - French for blue, and in this case, relating to the creamy delicious blue cheese. A grey pup would sport this name proudly.

  • Brie - And, of course, a name that gives a nod to brie cheese!

  • Béarnaise - A French sauce, it's pronounced behr-naize. Shortening it to Béar is pretty cool, too.

  • Bonbon - Candy! Need I say more?

  • Parfâit - Meaning "perfect", but honestly, it makes me think of a yummy ice cream treat! Pronounced paar-fei.

  • Boulette - "Boulette de viande" means meatball, which is a little long for a doggy name, but shortened, is pretty cute for a dog. Especially a Bulldog, in my humble opinion :)
    Don't ask me why; it just fits. Oh, and you say it boo-leht.

  • Malbec - A purple grape variety used in making red wine. As the grapes have an inky, dark color, this name would do wonderfully for a black dog.

  • Merlot - A dark blue grape variety also used for red wine, this is probably my favorite name on the French-food/drink inspired list here.

    It ticks all the boxes - unique (but not weird), beautiful, rolls off the tongue easily, and is two-syllables, making it just right for calling your dog.
Golden retriever puppyA Golden Retriever puppy would stand out with a French name such as Champagne!

If you've been struggling to find the perfect French female dog name, I have no doubt that you will find the one here. You might even have trouble narrowing down your choices now!

Pick a few and have a family vote. Or if it's just you and the pup, try using a name for a few days to get a feel for it... and then do it with another favorite, and so on.

And seeing as you are searching for a dog name, I think it's safe to assume that you have a new puppy on the way! Congrats!

First time owner? Even if this isn't your first pup, perhaps you'd like to avoid some of the mistakes you made last time... Start with reading up on how to house train your puppy, and make a list of the dog training tools you're going to need for your new family member.

Remember, having a game plan goes a long way to removing a lot of the stress of adding a new puppy to your family.

Welcome home, pup!

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