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Oct 29, 2019
This Breed is not Heat Tolerant
by: M. B

I am an OE owner. I reside in the New England area, USA. I am appalled at the comment of their OE’s being heat tolerant. These beautiful dogs are NOT! Heat tolerant. Anything over 75 degrees Fahrenheit requires attention, they are not able to breath properly to cool down because of their short snout. Anything below 60 degrees also requires attention. Did you somehow genetically create a dog with a longer snout to deal with temperature changes? No! Shame on you! I can not give you a poor review, as I have not dealt with you personally, but my response is based on your online advertising. I seriously feel bad for the poor OE’s you are selling. They may end up in a hi temp and humid area that will torture them. It’s all about the $$$$, right!?

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