Raw Dog Food Benefits:
Is Raw Feeding Healthy?

Many people aren't aware of the many raw dog food benefits.  If you've always been feeding your dog commercial kibble, you've likely become accustomed to certain features or "symptoms" in your dog.  

What do I mean by this?  Well, that disgusting doggy breath that has you keeping your distance?  Not normal.  We've come to believe that all dogs have stinky breath, and awful plaque covered teeth (which is where the bad breath comes from).

The first raw dog food benefit is this - sparkly clean, white teeth in your pooch's mouth and odorless breath!  No more veterinary dental bills for expensive teeth cleaning or worse, dealing with tooth decay.

A raw diet, which includes bone, keeps your dog's teeth nice and clean, and in turn, prevents bad breath.  More importantly, we also know that dental health is directly related to overall health (heart, lungs, etc.), as bacteria in the mouth can get into the gums and then wreak havoc in the body.

Another smelly problem that is avoided by feeding raw is that of Rover's coat and skin.  That yucky dog smell that seems to cling to him, no matter if you keep up with bathing... history.  A raw fed dog's coat is glossy and soft, with no odor!

You've probably noticed that a dog who is fed kibble has large, soft (or even runny), horribly stinky poops.  This is because kibble has so many fillers and carbohydrates in there, which a dog can't digest properly. 

Canine intestines are smooth and fairly short - designed to move meat through their system quickly to prevent it from going rancid.  An omnivore's intestines are much longer and rough or uneven, to give carbohydrates and vegetation a chance to break down.

As gross as it sounds, you can tell how a dog is fed by what his poop looks like, and smells like!  A dog on a raw food diet has very small, firm, mostly odorless poop that turns white and decomposes within a couple days.

Why less poop?  Obviously the dog is able to digest and use more of the raw food.  If his body can't digest kibble properly (specifically, the grains and other carbohydrates in it), it's going to all come out.  This is also why if you feed your dog carrots or other vegetables, you will likely be able to spot them in his stools.

More Raw Dog Food Benefits

Here are some more raw dog food benefits:

  • Stronger immune system and overall health - dogs who are fed raw require fewer visits to the vet

  • Dogs require less water - kibble fed dogs needs lots of water to help digest and stay hydrated. A raw diet is about 55-65% moisture, so much less water is needed to stay hydrated. This in turn means less drooling!
Raw Dog Food Benefits Your Dog!Nice clean teeth and a healthy coat are a couple raw dog food benefits.
  • No need to get your dogs anal glands expressed - because raw diets include ground bone, the stools are firm, which causes the anal glands to naturally be squeezed and eliminated with every bowel movement.

  • Less shedding and no greasy feeling to your dog's coat.

Dog Food Allergies!

And one of the most important advantages to feeding a raw dog food diet (at least it was to me and my dog, Justice)...

  • Removal of allergies and food sensitivities! - for many dogs, my own included, it can be a nightmare trying to find a diet that will avoid any food allergies. 

  • Symptoms of this type of dog are incessant scratching, chewing their paws, ear infections or hot spots.  Switching to a raw food diet can get rid of these reactions, especially if you stick with formulas based around rabbit, turkey or lamb.

Many dogs are sensitive or allergic to grain, so there have been an influx of grain free dog food in the pet stores.  However, it's still kibble, and there are still many other allergens and preservatives in that!

Raw diets are free from preservatives and coloring, and most are grain free and human grade.  I fed my own dog a Big Country Raw rabbit and turkey diet.  She had allergies, and the poor girl used to scratch.  All.  The.  Time.  To any owner dealing with an itchy pet, this raw dog food benefit is in itself a huge incentive to make the switch!

Needless to say, all dogs can and will benefit from being able to eat the way they were designed - on a raw meat diet.  There are so many benefits that your dog can enjoy, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you are providing your dog with the best diet possible.

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