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Dog Biting - Keep Yourself and Your Dog Safe

For some owners, their biggest fear is of their dog biting another dog, or another dog biting their own dog. And understandably.

You may have your dog well under control when you go for a walk. You've done everything that a responsible dog owner should. But you have no control over your neighbor's dog, or the dog that is coming down the sidewalk towards you.

For that matter, you may not even own a dog, but you've been bitten before and are afraid of it happening again. Or maybe you are a mail carrier or delivery person, and encounter dogs frequently in your travels.

No matter what your situation, the solution is still the same. But before I tell you what it is... ... let me tell you what not to do to break up a fight, as that's just as important! Never get in the middle of a dog fight! You cannot stop it that way. You will only get mauled in the process. Don't put your hands or your body between the two dogs.

Break It Up

It will take something fairly drastic to snap the dogs' attention away to something else. From our experience, the best way is to startle them. How? With a small boat air-horn. Compact, it will fit into your hand and is easy it carry, as well as safe for the dogs.

If you or your dog is lunged at by another dog, aim the horn at him (no closer than 2 feet) and press and hold the button for about 5 seconds. You can find these inexpensive horns at most Walmart or Canadian Tire stores.

While your dog will likely be very frightened, his life can actually be saved this way. You don't always hear about it, but dogs do get killed at leash free dog parks.

So if you want to take your pooch there, do yourself a favour and bring along a boat air-horn. Who knows? You may not ever need to use it... but if you do, rest assured you'll be prepared!

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